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About us

Who is the BFOSA (Business Facilitators of South Africa)?

BFOSA consists of a group of companies with dedicated and driven professionals that help boost the economy in South Africa by empowering businesses in the manufacturing trade. From small start-up operations, through to fully fledged companies looking to expand their bottom line. We supply user-friendly machinery that manufacture a variety of products which produce high through-put and high profit margins. We also supply most of the raw materials needed for our machines.

BFOSA has a 16 year proven track record and have the ability to provide a starting business with all the support it needs on its road to success. We are Proudly South African and also Cape Chamber Affiliates.

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What do we offer you?

Easy to operate machinery

Some of the machines that we offer may well look complicated, however comprehensive training on your machine at your premises is part of the package. Inclusive with that is preventative maintenance instruction. 

Large variety of machines

We have a reasonably extensive range of high profit margin machines that all enjoy a high demand in off-take. In the event that there is a specific machine that you require please let us know and we will through our extensive knowledge of the industry be able to procure it for you.

High profit margins

As previously stated the machines that we offer feature strongly in the FMCG market and besides the demand and enormous off take that they enjoy the profit margins are also appealing.

Excellent after sales service

We pride ourselves on our after sales service and to this end have highly skilled technicians based in all the major cities around South Africa. Need we say more, please put us to the test and you will also be one of a growing number of satisfied clients.

Assistance and advice with your business plans

Although we are an Engineering Company that manufactures as well as imports machines, over the years of extensive experience have gleaned a tremendous amount of knowledge in how to access the required funding. We will happily supply you with a skeleton business plan guideline that you can hang your specific requirements off at no charge what so ever. 

Comprehensive training

Included in the package that we offer is comprehensive training as well as preventative maintenance to ensure the continued smooth running of your business. 

Marketing assistance

Although the demand for the products that are produced on our machines is massive and non-ending, guidance as to where to aim your marketing efforts is also part of the deal.