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With the thought of purchasing one of our award winning machines it makes sense that you would have a number of questions that you need answered to set your mind at ease. Here are answers to some of the more frequently asked ones. If your questions are not there or if you have others that need answering please click on the ‘contact us’ button and ask away.

Browse our machines

Click on the ‘Browse Machines’ button that will take you through to some of our more popular machines. Please note that although we have these machines as our ‘standard’ array of machines they are by no means the only machines that we manufacture. If there is something that you require that is not on the list please click on the ‘contact us’ button and let us know what it is that you require and we will be more than willing to see if we can either manufacture or procure it for you.

Make Contact With The Team

Although we are a Cape Town based Company with an, in excess of a 16 year successful track record, we have technicians in all the major cities in South Africa as well as an impressive list of successful, ongoing installations around Africa. For any further information on this as well as any other information that you may require please do not hesitate to click on th ‘contact us’ button and let us know what is on your mind.

Popular Machines

Our Services

Machine Manufacturing and Sourcing

During the nearly twenty years that we have been involved in this business, we have built up a vast network that have the ability of manufacturing machines that are not on our standard production list. We are therefore able to assist clients with a vast array of machines that will get them up, going and making money.

Business Planning Assistance

Although we primarily are a machine manufacturing company we realise the difficulty that one has in raising the necessary funding to make your business a reality and although we are not a bank, we offer business plan assistance, as well as guidance, to find institutions that are prepared to assist you in realising your dream.

Comprehensive Training

Although our machines may look complicated and difficult to run, they really are not. Included in the deal, besides the one year warrantee is comprehensive training, on your machine, at your premises. Experience has shown us that it is indeed far better to have all your staff and your selves trained on your machine, at your premises, rather than on a machine in a show room. To that end our technicians do the training at your premises at no additional charge, save for their transport and accommodation.

Marketing Assistance

We don’t only train you on the running of your machine, but will also assist with some basic marketing assistance. All the years in the business has most definitely taught us a few tricks of the trade and we are more than willing to impart this information on to you. After all we are measured by your success.

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  • I was very pleased with the follow-up service and support we received from BFOSA after purchasing our machine, I will be sure to recommend them to both colleagues and friends. Thank you!

    Trevor Kaplan, Johannesburg

  • We are able to reap the benefits of great financial rewards.

    Lovemore Sithole, Zimbabwe

  • I’m finally financially independent and now able to support my family and staff.

    Logan Chetty, Kwazulu Natal

  • This letter serves to confirm that Peddle Tissue has purchased a semi automatic Toilet Tissue Winder from BFOSA. From the initial enquiry right through to the delivery of the machine we experienced a very high degree of professionalism and co operation. The machine itself has proved to be very satisfactory and has performed to the required efficiencies. On the odd occasion that we have had problems with the machine the BFOSA technical staff have been quick to respond and sorted out any problems satisfactorily. This service has even extended beyond the agreed guarantee period. I would therefore not hesitate to recommend BFOSA as a supplier to anyone interested in purchasing whatever type of machinery that they may offer for sale.

    Peddle Tissue

  • The question I asked myself - Would I buy another machine from BFOSA? I can confidently state, "YES" I would.

    Evin Sparg, East London

  • The professional advice and assistance we received throughout the process of manufacturing, commissioning and training for our successful beauty soap factory was invaluable. I can also see why these guys pride themselves on their after sales service as well.

    Allie Parker, Epping, Cape Town

  • We commissioned BFOSA to set up our roof sheeting factory in the Seychelles and have only praise for their attention to detail and commitment to the task. Well done.

    Mark Aitken, Seychelles