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Baby Diaper Machine

About this machine


The nappy/diaper machine remains a favourite business opportunity, consistent research and development as well as on-going raw material evaluation and development keeps it at the forefront, we are able to offer not only the standard polyethylene back sheet but also the new material back sheet for a more upmarket feel and finish to the nappy.


– The Paediatric Nappy Machine clients reap the benefits of widespread market exposure due to the unlimited demand for Paediatric nappies.
– The market for disposable paediatric nappies in South Africa is estimated to be more than twenty million a day!
– Production of up to 300 pieces per minute
– Cash and Government business (depending on market sector).
– Simple manufacturing process (one manufacturing process).
– Easy administration (very few product lines and variations).
– High demand for product.
– Easy to market

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